House Projects

This is the presentation submitted to a Better Homes & Gardens contest in the “major renovation” category. We came in 1st runner-up. We think our failure to win 1st place was do to our naivete: we only used one of BH&G’s advertisers for the entire project; a $6 can of paint from Ace Hardware.

Despite that, BH&G came back and did a photo shoot of our under stair storage concept and the movable shelves I designed for my office. It was for a special SOHO edition (Small Office, Home Office) edition.

53 Maple Renovation BHandG

BTW – due to a previous addition on the back of the house, we were able to continue to live in the house (with 2 cats) while the construction was underway. We also did all the fixture and specialized item purchasing which was staged in the detached garage. That gave us an advantage, supervision and schedule-wise, because there was zero delay answering questions the general contractor had and, no delay (or mark-up) on some of the more expensive items, like cabinetry.