Interviews With …

I’ve come in contact with amazing people over the years …

I’ve got a growing “short list” of people I know that I’d like to interview. They all have interesting stories to share. Some of them have already said yes.

Here’s a sampling of the folks I’m reaching out to:

  • Former governor of Connecticut during the Sandyhook tragedy
  • A female Fortune 15 technology architect; 39 years running all their telecom
  • The very private CEO of Nike
  • Husband and wife copy editor and literary agent; not their original careers
  • Former CEO of ConstantContact
  • and many more …

Because there are just too many to choose from, please use the survey link below to tell me who you would like me to interview:

Casey Interview Guest Survey

Interview Survey

This will be a lot of fun for me and hopefully for you.

Watch this space.