Just Ask – Free Weekly Event

What’s the “Wisdom of the Crowd”?

I’m glad you asked.

Wisdom of the Crowd is a proven concept that a diverse group of individuals with varied backgrounds and experience, the crowd, will perform better at reaching optimum solutions than a collection of experts. It has also been re branded as the pithier: “Diversity vs Ability”, but the point and mechanics are the same.

To solve your most pressing issues, I’ve created a process to bring the power of the crowd, in real-time, to you.


Here’s how it works:

1. Click below to reserve your place for a Just Ask session.

You’ll get an email with instructions and a link. If you have an issue you would like to submit to be solved by the crowd, follow the link in the email to submit your issue.

2. The day before the session you will receive another link to vote on what issues you would like to see solutions for.

3. On session day I will facilitate the discussion, collection of solutions and voting. 

The final result is the Wisdom of the Crowd expressed as a scored, ranked list of optimal solution alternatives, ready for action.


Places are limited for the initial sessions (while I’m working out the bugs), so register early!

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To make this a success 1 thing needs to happen:

There has to be a crowd,

so sign up early and get your colleagues and friends to participate.


See you there!


P.S. These sessions are FREE regardless if you have subscribed to CrisCasey.com or not..