Since this website is new, I’m building this section from scratch. But here are a few questions I think you might ask.

Q1 – There’s so much available on the internet for free, why have you chosen to charge for some things?

Here’s the bottom-line: Almost everything you see on the web has a price. Take “free” ebooks, podcasts, videos and webinars for instance.

While they may not require a direct cash outlay, they do cost time. And to get access, chances are you are paying a price with your contact information being sold and traded without you knowing when or to who. Of course there is also the relentless onslaught of emails hitting your inbox or social media feed.

I do none of that. No ads. No sketchy endorsements. No free come-ons leading to bait-and-switch transactions.

Clearly demonstrated by my track record, my content has significant value. Which is why most of it has a price attached. Is it worth what I’m asking; to some no, to others, more than they might think.

That said, my Writing and Research is free, though I do ask for a contribution based on how much value you feel you derived from the piece. And if the answer is zero, I apologize for wasting your time.

Q2 – How can you claim 40+ years of adaptive leadership experience?

Ok, you caught me. I actually understated my adaptive leadership experience.

The simple truth is that accomplishing what I have done over my lifetime would not have been possible if I was not adaptive. And not just adaptive in the sense of adjusting to changing conditions, like changing jobs or having kids. The roles I have played, with very few exceptions, have been leadership roles; moving disparate groups of people to do things they might not otherwise be doing.

So when the skills and techniques I’ve learned and used over and over are now being described by academics as the things adaptive leaders do, I feel confident to say I have 40+ years of adaptive leadership experience. And I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

My proprietary method based on my unique adaptive leadership approach is under development. Look for it later this year.

Q3 – Did you create the website yourself?

No. While I designed the overall structure (still a work in motion), I had the excellent support of April Mazac at The Perky Pixel as my development resource, and graphic design and her husband, Zac Holmes (Steg Solutions) handing devops for the AWS hosting and database platforms.

April and Zac have helped me for about 5 years and I can’t say enough good things about their willingness and ability to get the job done.