Sometimes personal service is the best option

If you need confidential advice and perspective to help you:

  • Negotiate agreement between and among adversaries, colleagues and superiors
  • Manage application development teams – technical and business stakeholders
  • Extricate yourself from a toxic environment
  • Get an informed second opinion
  • Develop a solution to a unique business process or infotech problem

think about using my Personal Advisory service. There’s video of an actual session to give you a feel for what the service is like. Clients that have taken advantage of the 1-on-1 conversations have been pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

I also offer consultation on initiative management and adaptive leadership methods at the enterprise level. Some of the outcomes from this work are:

  • Actionable road maps and plans synthesized from multiple sources
  • Facilitated vision, strategy and consensus/buy-in sessions
  • Current and future state process analysis and definition

If you’ve got questions about whether or not I can help in your unique situation, please reach out. I don’t take on clients I can’t help which is why my services are guaranteed.

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Your time is valuable and in short supply.

The events you’ll find here are designed to respect that fact.

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Did I mention I’ve delivered over $1B in value by managing initiatives for quite a few companies, big and small?

Many of them you’ll recognize (and maybe work for).

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