I’ll admit it. When executives have enough faith in your abilities to fly you around the world to help solve some of their most critical business process and information technology problems, it feels pretty good.

And as an independent, hearing clients say that I deliver work that meets or exceeds similar high caliber consulting from IBM or Accenture or Deloitte, is gratifying.

If you’ve got a situation where rapid answers from a fresh set of eyes with deep acumen and political sensitivity is called for, look no further.

My specialty is recovery; putting wayward initiatives back on track. But I also excel at enterprise-2-enterprise work where acquisitions, carve-outs, divestitures, mergers and spin-offs need a sharp eye and steady hand to navigate (not to mention a proprietary method that can shave weeks if not months off your schedule).

Reach out to me at or call me at 919 585-6906 and lets chat. It’s a good bet the service I’ve delivered to one (or more) of my clients, is a match for what you need.